The Diaprex Diaper Rash Ointment story spans generations of Mom's and their babies. The Diaprex story begins over 50 years ago with the inventor of the product, Belle Moss, in Detroit, Michigan.

Belle Moss was a pharmacist, who worked at Children’s Hospital in Detroit and formulated Diaprex decades ago. Regional physicians and pediatricians rapidly endorsed the formula, making Diaprex the number one recommended diaper ointment for decades. It became a local and regional favorite, but as time went by, the product slowly vanished from the market. 


Flash forward to 2008 when Michael Froehlich, President and CEO of Elba Laboratories, discovered the brand had ceased to exist on store shelves and began researching the product. Upon discovering that the brand name and original formula were available, he began preparing and packaging Diaprex once again for consumer use.  Michael says "We were fielding calls from hundreds of families who knew we had manufactured the product in the past, which put me in a conundrum of deciding to do nothing or figuring out a way to have Elba Laboratories make the Diaprex product for people who were searching for the product they loved and trusted."

Soon, the letters and testimonials began flowing in from mothers, grandmothers, and even men, who all expressed similar sentiments: “I was a Diaprex baby!” and “There really is nothing on the market like Diaprex!” and “This is the only product that truly works for diaper rash and wound healing.” Froehlich often receives messages from excited callers who are overjoyed to rediscover the source of Diaprex because they have literally been searching for this product for over a decade and are thrilled to know that it’s on the shelves again.

Diaprex is supplemented with Sūthe™, a natural complex consisting of the purest beeswax, lanolin and castor oil to help soothe and calm skin.

The Diaprex® brand name and "Baby Logo" are Registered Trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Serial Number 78315885. Sūthe is a current actual use pending trademark Serial Number 87733111. 

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