“I love this product! I saw the diaper rash in my baby clear up instantly; in less than a day, I was truly amazed. I can not leave the house without this its a must have for babies!” 

-Amazon Shopper

“My parents used Diaprex on me as a baby and they loved it. So when my best friend said her baby had diaper rash, I sent her a jar. She loves it and is so glad it is on Amazon now.”

-Amazon Shopper

“My Diaprex arrived 2 days early. I am so excited to share this product that I remember from my childhood with my friend who is a Mom to Be! Probably the best diaper rash treatment out on the market.”

-Amazon Shopper

“My mother used Diaprex on all 8 of us. I am her oldest child and first to give her a grandchild. She gave me a tub of Diaprex for my little one and said it's only available online. We are almost out. I run a babysitting business from home and have used the product on other children and know their parents are interested in the cream as well.” 

-Jennifer C., Columbus, Ohio

“My mom used this on her 10 children and we all used it on our children but now not able to find it for our grandchildren this is the best diaper rash cream and would really like to purchase more.” 

-Mary B., Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

“I use this product as an adult. My OB-GYN had me using all kinds of prescriptions and non-prescription remedies. Nothing worked long-term for those problem areas older women have (like under your spare tire).  A friend picked Ultra Healing Ointment by Diaprex up for me at Meijer’s. What a miracle product! I would see if doctors would carry it if I were you.”

 -Mary K., Via Email


“I was heartbroken when it disappeared. Thank you for bringing this back to life!”

–Jane Smith